Reflections as I age…

I’m raging into the twilight years of my early 30’s.  I herniated a disc in my back. My New Years resolution is to eat more salad.  There are head football coaches that are younger than me.

So, basically, I’m a year away from growing a radical beard, moving to a mountain cave, and sitting on a rock so people can access me for my wisdom.

Here’s some nuggets you could expect:

  1. Sports aren’t worth getting angry over

Policy decisions that subject populations to inequality and further disenfranchisement are.  But back to my original point: the results of a game shouldn’t have negative impacts on people’s relationships. Rivalry games? Should not result in elevated voices, insults, or fisticuffs. Intramural games? Should not divide friends, lead to tantrums, nor result in being banned from facilities. Any profession or collegiate or high school sporting event? No cursing, racist chants, or parking-lot fights.

I came to this realization after a string of angry afternoons due to “my” team losing.  Also, I wasted 16 Sundays a year checking ESPN for fantasy football updates.  Untethered, I’ve wasted my time on Twitter instead.

2. See the doctor

I waited two months to see a doctor about the sciatica in my left leg.  Then, my bulging disc became a herniated disc.  Then I found myself laid up, unable to contain my groans of agony while my daughter watched from the side of the bed.

I also tell terrible, cheesy jokes. Not sure if that’s a physical issue. Fortunately, my wife is training to be a clinical psychologist.  Unfortunately, she’s not ethically allowed to analyze me.

3. Travel

Cliché. I know. But dang it if it ain’t true.  Life lessons abound.

Living in Belize for four months: alcohol is dangerous, resilience is admirable, nature and culture and diversity beautify the world.

Turkey: poultry jokes about a country rarely land. The tension between religion and history is fascinating and can inform our approach to current situations. Also, hospitality is the sincerest form of humility and love.

Jamaica honeymoon: tourism is a bittersweet, soul-sucking industry. Still don’t know how I feel about all-inclusives.

Italy, Marseille, Barcelona: learn other people’s languages, even just main phrases, and speak it before reverting to your native language. Also, people glorify God in awesome, various ways.

Other highlights

Various cities in America: Vegas and Bourbon Street = instant shower when I get home. Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado = breathless beauty.  Chicago = amazing people and attractions, corrupt systems of business and government  Beach cities = tacky and rarely worth it.